JGR Capital Partners’ investor conversion marketing utilizes our equity research content to attract investors and then combines the latest targeted and personalized advertising technologies to convert unknown potential investors to known shareholders. Today’s investors read about a company online, research online, and invest online. Emerging growth companies need to fully utilize technology to effectively capture investment dollars in today’s competitive world.
Just like consumers need to be targeted with advertising from Facebook and Google to encourage purchases, we believe investors need to be attracted, converted and nurtured by leveraging conversion marketing. These concepts have been thoroughly tested within the consumer space but they are just now being applied to investor marketing.

Attract the Right Investors

Our investor conversion marketing relies on the distribution of in-depth equity research and advertising that speaks to the investor at every stage throughout their journey of becoming a shareholder. Our high quality and credible equity research is the lifeblood in the investor conversion process and adds to the effectiveness of investor relations campaigns.

Use Advanced Advertising that Works

Retargeting Programs

We use native advertising on finance websites and social media, programmatic advertising across the web, retargeting on Google and Facebook, and Facebook Lookalike programs to convert unknown potential investors to active shareholders.

Native Advertising

Native advertising performs significantly better than standard display advertising and works extremely well when combined with investor conversion marketing. Highly targeted social native campaigns are implemented to seek the right investors.

The Process:
From interest, to prospect, to shareholder

Convert Anonymous Interest

We convert anonymous web traffic to known potential investors by identifying and tagging anonymous web traffic driven by our comprehensive equity research distribution. The tagged anonymous web traffic is marketed across the web using advertising messaging that converts them to known potential investors.

Convert to Shareholder

We use advertising retargeting and automated marketing technologies to put our equity research content in front of these known potential investors. The process informs and engages the prospective investors and drives conversion towards becoming a shareholder.

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