JGR Capital Partners’ company sponsored research is structured to help small capitalization companies market their investment opportunity within the vast financial markets. We provide fair valuations and only will work with select companies after approval by JGR Capital Partner’s management. Company sponsored research is distributed through our very expansive online network, including but not limited to: Seeking Alpha, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Thomson One, Zacks, Factset and S&P Capital IQ.

The challenges for public companies with market capitalizations below $2 billion frequently are poor liquidity and inefficient market valuations given limited analyst coverage. This inhibits a company’s ability to generate/maintain shareholder interest and to raise capital.

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Why JGR Capital Partners’ Company Sponsored Research (CSR)?

  • Obtaining research has become difficult for small capitalization, low volume stocks
  • Frequently small capitalization stocks incur the large expense of being public, while not sufficiently reaping the benefits of being public
  • CSR allows under-followed companies to reach new investors and/or institutions and reach fair valuations
  • JGR Capital Partners’ reports are institutional quality and offered at subscription rates that are the most competitive in the industry
  • Our analysts conduct extensive due diligence by analyzing a company’s financials before signing a contract with the client company
  • We work alongside the company’s CFO and finance team to provide an accurate and thorough analysis which reflects the true fundamentals of the business
  • We provide fair valuations for thinly covered equities, with an in depth analysis of their business
  • Our coverage includes an initiation report in addition to update notes on material events

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